Why Create Your Own Instructional Video

At Rise 8 Media, we’ve nearly a decade of experience creating education and instructional video content. We specialize in creating instructional videos that are as informative as they are visually interesting to watch. The best instructional videos are those that people actually want to watch. Here’s what instructional video content can do for your business:


Concise and visually compelling instructional videos educate and can even entertain your audience. Instructional videos create an opportunity to directly show your audience how your solution fits their needs.


Your customers are moving beyond the instruction manual. Instead, they are turning to Google and YouTube seeking simple instructional videos to teach them everything they need to know.


Instructional videos are a one time marketing expense that provides you with an organic and long-term marketing asset. Our typical instructional videos garner hundreds of thousands of organic views over their life.


Instructional videos help you boost the your value proposition for potential and existing customers. You are already providing the solution, these videos provided added value in the education of that solution.

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How We Create YOur Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are effective when they tell meaningful stories. However, in order to tell a meaningful story we must first understand your intended audience. This is step number one to identify who you are trying to reach.

Your audience has a problem or need. Well crafted promotional videos identify that core problem and help your audience know that you understand their needs.

Powerful promotional videos convey a simple clarified message on how your product/services can guide your audience to success. These videos establish your brand as the guide that helps your clients, the heroes/heroines, achieve success.

For promotional videos to be truly effective they must clearly call the audience to action. Once your audience has connected emotionally with your brand, we must show them “here’s what to do next”

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