The EOS C700 FF is Canon’s full frame update to the C700. It’s built on the C700 main frame and overtakes the C700 as Canon’s new flagship cinema camera. Canon approached us to create a similar series of tutorials as the C700 Before the Prep series. The C700 FF was completed as a rush project within a two week turn around in order to meet the C700FF’s launch date in March of 2018.

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Our Process

The primary audience for the EOS C700FF is professional film makers and cinematographers. Similar to the EOS C700 Before the Prep series, we needed technical education designed for highly trained professionals. We were aiming to match the EOS C700 Before the Prep series, but this time we needed to do it 4x faster.

With the same audience as the prior series, we knew that the EOS C700FF tutorials needed to again be visually interesting, efficient, and precise in their instruction.

However, the main difference in this production was understanding how the EOS C700FF differed from that of the EOS C700. With 16 instructional videos, the EOS C700 Before the Prep series already presented a strong foundation in the camera’s capabilities. Because the C700FF was built on the same camera platform, we knew that an entirely new set of tutorials would duplicate a lot of the information already created.

Rather than creating an entirely new series, the EOS C700FF tutorials needed to be focused on exactly what differed from the EOS C700. The goal of this was to again address the film maker’s need in creating precise information that could be consumed quickly before or during production.

The solution was to create a simplified 4-part technical series that mirrored the EOS C700 Before the Prep series. These cameras are generally tested in the new Canon Burbank Prep Bay. It was appropriate to light and make the Prep Bay the backbone of each instructional video.

Each video was written and hosted by Brent Ramsey, Canon Technical Advisor.

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