Since landing on the scene MagMod flash modifiers have made a solid dent in the photography and lighting industry. MagMod, or Magnetic Modifiers, are modular light modifying tools that allow amateur, enthusiast and professional photographers to quickly and easily modify flash lighting.

MagMod essentially made modifying flashes simple, fun and very effective as they turn every inexpensive flash into a precision lighting tool for photographers of any level. We wanted to show MagMod their education could be natural and organic rather than forced product demonstrations.

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Our Process

MagMod’s primary audiences are enthusiast and professional photographers who shoot portraits, weddings, and other lower budget productions. These photographers need inexpensive and on-the-go light modifiers that are simple and durable. Today, most photographers shooting big budget commercial productions where expensive equipment and lights are a staple. The founders of MagMod knew this and crafted a product to fit exactly where the photographic industry was heading.

Portability, flexibility, quality, and affordability. This is what MagMod aims to target and they’ve been highly successful in addressing this market need. Our goal was to satisfy the need of that market in understanding how to use MagMod products. Those that are just learning how to use light modifiers need examples in order to understand their potential effectiveness.


As with all of our educational content, we aim to create education that is organic in the use of equipment and products. Each MagMod instructional video is designed to be a short bite sized piece of information.

MagMod instructional videos will typically dial into a singular technique. Each video will aim to show an underwhelming “before” image using typical lighting and photography techniques. Then after demonstrating the technique at hand, the video shows the awe-inspiring “after” image designed to wow the audience with what’s possible using the product.

Along the way, MagMod products are used and featured, but are not sold. They are organic extensions of the techniques being taught rather than a product that we are directly selling to the audience.

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