Created by the team behind Lin and Jirsa Photography and Rise 8 Media, SLR Lounge has well over 1,500,000 monthly visits and is one of the largest online educational platforms for wedding and portrait photographers.

SLR Lounge specializes in creating comprehensive and intuitive educational pathways that are far beyond the typical online tutorial. Each pathway is designed to be a complete solution enabling photographers to learn and master a completely new skillset from start to finish.

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Our Process

The site’s core audience of aspiring professional wedding and portrait photographers presents a unique challenge of encompassing a range of varying skill and experience. While some start with zero camera knowledge, others may already be operating a successful studio. Our task is in creating organized information that can meet their needs at each stage of their journey.

Success. Put plain and simply, the core need for an aspiring wedding or portrait photographer is success within their new venture. For some that success is in growing their business and revenue. For others, that success can be found in simply learning how to capture professional imagery.

The educational industry for photographers is flooded with an abundance of free and paid education via YouTube and other online blogs and platforms. However, users are generally playing a game of never ending tag as they chase content, seeking actionable information that addresses their specific needs.

Aspiring wedding and portrait photographers need organized and concise information that is rooted in successful real world practices.

Our solution is to create courses designed to target each specific need within our core audience. Each course and the content within are designed as an educational pathway that guides them from Point A to Point B.

From years of experience, we also understand that the best education must be as informative as it is interesting to watch. In addition to filling our education with interesting footage and motion graphics, we also design our scripts and content to be fun and filled with personality. Education that is informational and entertaining or “infotainment” is our aim.

Organized, interesting, entertaining, and actionable information. This is the reason SLR Lounge has become so successful over the years.

The best education continues after the video is completed. For that reason, SLR Lounge’s educational content and platform is designed with action steps at the end of each video to guide users into engagement. Engaging with the education by putting new techniques into practice is the best way for our core audience to internalize new information.

From uploading images to Constructive Critique to completing Assignments, we want the audience to end each video with a call to action to help them internalize the lesson just learned.

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