Profoto is a leader in professional lighting equipment for photographic applications. With each new product, Profoto seeks out industry leaders and influencers to create educational content showing their products in real world scenarios.

In 2016, Justin, Chris, and Pye of Lin and Jirsa Photography and founders of Rise 8 Media were named Profoto “Legends of Light.” From there, it only made sense that we demonstrate and show off Profoto products in challenging real world situations that we constantly face as a photography studio.

Through this partnership, we’ve created many organic pieces of education. These pieces of education demonstrate techniques and offer value to the viewer while asking nothing in return. The organic use of Profoto products in this education is what enables users to trust these educational pieces as more of a case study than a “sponsored ad.”

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Our Process

Profoto’s primary audience are photographers who are considering adding high quality strobes to their lighting toolkit.

Photographers considering Profoto products are faced with two dilemmas. First is the equipment worth the higher price tag and second is how to use that equipment in production.

Throughout each video we aim to organically show why photographers should consider Profoto over other brands while educating the audience on how to use the product.

Those considering jumping into strobes and high end professional lighting products need education as much as they need the products themselves. We aim at fulfilling that need by creating organic education that features the product.

Each video that we create for Profoto focuses on a specific photographic technique. These videos are designed to be short and easily digestible pieces of information that are also visually pleasing to watch.

The purpose of each video is the final hero shot. It’s in the creation of an image that can not only impress the audience, but also the audience’s client. Rather than create promotional short films that resemble infomercials, our goal is to create organic education that positions Profoto products as the tool or guide that helps photographers along the way.

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