The EOS C700 represents Canon’s first launch of a true, big budget “A” or primary production camera. As the new flagship cinema camera, the EOS C700 is the first camera in Canon’s lineup to offer professional cinematographers a complete system that fits any professional workflow. The camera is optimized for RAW 4K production workflows and features widely used professional 4K and 2K recording formats.

With this new flagship cinema camera, Canon turned to us to create a flagship series of instructional videos to guide cinematographers on how to use the camera.

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Our Process

Canon’s primary audience for the EOS C700 is professional film makers and cinematographers. With the cost of the camera body itself coming in at $35,000, this isn’t a camera designed for enthusiasts.

This meant that our team needed to create a series of technical education that could stand up to scrutiny from the most highly trained professionals in the film industry. We knew that we needed a tutorial series that was visually compelling but also technically sound and succinct.

Working directors of photography and cinematographers need efficient, precise instruction in order to help them quickly get back into the field. We also knew that these industry professionals would have a hard time watching any production that didn’t have a professional visual and sound design. The need was to create a series of short and concise instruction that was as visually compelling as it was informative.

Our solution to motion picture professionals was a 16-part instructional series featuring short purpose driven instruction presented by Canon’s Senior Engineer of Field Applications, Loren Simons.

Each instructional video was designed with a singular production purpose. Videos were restricted in length in order to make them short and easily digestible so that cinematographers can access and intake the necessary information even in the field. We then added text and motion graphics throughout each video to add interest and aid the audience with visual examples.

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