The 12 Movement started in Orange County as a boutique fitness brand that is currently expanding as a nationwide franchise. Their vision was to create an authentic promotional piece showcasing actual workouts.

We executed on that vision by starting with capturing real members performing real workouts. What you see in the final video is not scripted, there are no actors. It’s a naturally high energy video that’s authentic to The12 in every way.

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Our Process

The 12 Movement’s members are composed of a 70% female and 30% male audience. As a boutique fitness studio, membership pricing is significantly more than the typical big box gym. Members of The12 are generally individuals who either appreciate The12’s community or the effectiveness behind their workouts. We knew that we needed a film that would feel approachable and safe, yet also convey that the workouts are no joke.

People dislike group fitness because its difficult to create an atmosphere that’s intense enough for advanced athletes AND approachable enough for those just starting their journey.

Our aim was to showcase The 12 Movement as a community that was not only safe and judgement free, but also a place for athletes of any level to get a great workout.

We did this by filming several classes at different locations featuring different instructors. We wanted to show real members working with real trainers. We used close ups and unique angles to show off the community and team driven components of the workout environment.

The promotional film ends with a call to action asking each person to sign up for three free classes.

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