Duraflex makes aftermarket high performance car parts that are affordable yet high in quality. Their vision was to create an energetic promotional video that showcased their products in various car enthusiast setups.

We created that vision by starting with a high energy soundtrack that fit the fast paced motion driven shots created in production. We finalized the video by adding complimenting motion graphics that detailed each product shown.

Our Process

Duraflex’s audience are car enthusiasts who seek high performance aftermarket parts at affordable prices. They are generally younger consumers who value style and performance but are still price sensitive.

With an audience seeking value and performance, our primary focus was to showcase Duraflex components as beautiful, high performance pieces of engineering.

We aimed to feature a set of flagship Duraflex products and body kits on real-world Duraflex show cars. The owners of these cars were invited out to allow our team to film the details of each car, as well as perform chase scenes with each car in action.

Our final promotional film uses a high energy song with fast cuts featuring stabilized and unstabilized footage to create an intense, action driven piece. A promotional film that drives at the heart of any car enthusiast.

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