Canon Burbank is a new education and testing facility located in the heart of motion picture production, Burbank, California. With their new investment, Canon’s vision was to create a new home for motion picture professionals seeking education, training, testing, and networking opportunities.

To demonstrate everything Canon Burbank has to offer we built the film around a digitized floor plan of the facility which was animated in post. The final film walks motion picture professionals through everything the facility has to offer.

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Our Process

Canon manufactures a wide range of products. From photographers to cinematographers, consumers to professionals, their complete audience is massive. Canon Burbank services many of their product lines but this particular facility was specifically designed for the motion picture professional.

Designed specifically for cinematographers, directors of photography, colorists, and other image-focused motion picture professionals our visuals had to be on par with what these pros would expect of Canon.

Directors of photography, cinematographers, and motion picture professionals are in constant need of product support. Having the technical training to use that equipment on a production is already a challenge in and of itself. Product support and maintenance then comes the next major challenge of production life.

Canon Burbank is truly a one-stop-shop for Canon professionals. Not only does it provide the necessary technical training to bring Canon products into production, Canon Burbank also has in-house servicing for anything from camera bodies to lenses. From the setup and testing of cameras, all the way through to their in-house editing and coloring suite, Canon Burbank is a singular solution to most production needs.

The goal for the short film was to present motion picture professionals that Canon Burbank is an exceptional workflow solution to all of their production needs.

To do this, we approached the project with an architectural overview of their facility that was presented in the order of a typical cinematic workflow. From the selection of equipment to camera testing and setup, we visually guide the audience through a simulation of what would be their experience at Canon Burbank

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