Canon Live Learning is all about providing their customers with educational opportunities. However, what most of these customers don’t understand is that these are exclusive workshop events with the world’s top educators and leaders.

We wanted the final video to show the students having their “ah ha” learning moments as they were taught by world class instructors. Each short film also showcases the unique and exclusive access that Canon provides students.

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Our Process

The core audience for Canon Live Learning events is Canon photographers. However, each promotional workshop appeals to a different core audience of Canon photographers depending on the photographic genre.

While Mike Kelley’s workshop appeals to architectural and aviation photographers, Pye Jirsa’s workshop appeals to wedding and portrait photographers. Each promotional video had to be tailored to each unique audience.

Photographers (like most of us) hate reading manuals. More importantly, they struggle to find effective hands-on experiences. For this reason, most turn to third party books and online video education. However, books and online education can only take a photographer so far. Each Canon Live Learning Workshop addresses the specific hands-on instructional needs of different core audiences of Canon photographers.

For each workshop, we sent a small fly-on-the-wall production crew aimed to shoot with a run and gun style. Each workshop experience was completely unique and likewise appealed to a unique audience. Therefore each video is filmed with a slightly different approach.


This workshop was essentially a backstage pass to LAX. We shot the video to show the “epic” nature of the location while being able to shoot alongside world class aviation and architectural photographer, Mike Kelly.


This workshop provided aspiring wedding and portrait photographers access to Pye Jirsa, one of the world’s best portrait photographers. Pye is known for systems and frameworks for creativity and business.

Our focus of the class was to show all of the wonderful learning moments the students had while receiving hands-on instruction with Pye.

Each Canon Live Learning promotional video is designed with a specific call to action to get students to follow the next step and register for upcoming Canon Live Learning events.

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