Wilson Automotive is one of the nation’s largest Toyota and automotive dealerships. They are the first dealership in history to sell over 500,000 Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles. With over 2,000 employees and nearly $2 billion dollars in revenue, Wilson Automotive is one of the largest privately held auto groups in the world.

Wilson Automotive approached us to craft a branded short film that would show their success, but more importantly, would showcase their commitment to their customers and employees.

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Our Process

When we typically think of a target audience, we think of one that is external, to the end consumer purchasing our product or service. For David Wilson, the Vice-President of Wilson Automotive, and his team, this short film was targeted to an internal audience.

They wanted a film that they could show existing and potential employees that exemplified the company’s history of success. But, more importantly, they wanted a film that would document how the company is focused on making their employees the “heroes/heroines” of the business.

Employees of Wilson Automotive want to work for a place that is not only successful but that also holds their same core beliefs. Employees want to be proud of the products and services they put into the world, but they also want to be proud of the company they do it for.

This was the true message and need for Wilson Automotive’s short film. We wanted to create a short film that was as much a celebration of its employee’s victories as it was a celebration of the company they helped to create.

Our approach for this film was to tell the Wilson Automotive story through a series of organic interviews by various executives including David Wilson himself. Each interview was conducted by the Director of the film to feel like a casual conversation. We walked through a series of questions that we wrote to organically tell the story of Wilson Automotive. In post, we cut together pieces of each interview to seamlessly weave the story together. With the story completed, we filmed additional pieces of b-roll to add visual interest into the short film.

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