In addition to their promotional short film, the executives at The 12 Movement wanted to create a series of videos that would distinguish themselves and their members from other boutique fitness gyms.

To achieve this, we pitched the concept of creating “member short stories.” These were designed to be short films based on actual members of The 12. We wanted to create emotional attachment by inspiring through real member stories.

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Our Process

When we typically think of a target audience, we think of one that is external, to the end consumer purchasing our product or service. For David Wilson, the Vice-President of Wilson Automotive, and his team, this short film was targeted to an internal audience.

Having already created The 12 Movement’s promotional film, we knew our audience was primarily female. While The 12 still has a significant number of male members, our goal with these short films was to show a more emotional and approachable side of members and staff. Our goal was to tell stories that an audience could identify and relate to.

In order to create short films that The 12’s core audience could relate to, we needed to select several different members and personalities. Working with The 12 Movement’s executive team, we selected 4 different individuals. Each of these individuals would represent a different set of trials and challenges that members might face in everyday life.

From battling drug addictions to struggling with self worth, each story connects with the audience on a real world emotional level. We wanted the audience to understand and be able to relate to each story fitness journey. We wanted to create a brand that was built around making its community the heroes and heroines of their own story.

Once we had our four individuals selected, we scheduled in-person interviews with each. Each interview was audio only and conducted within a private sound room with only the Director and Interviewee. The Director aimed straight at the heart, asking questions to guide each interviewee into an organic and thoughtful retelling of their personal stories.

Each interview was approximately 60 minutes in total length. These interviews were then cut down to approximately 2-3 minutes and used as the narrative for each film. We also opted to use the sounds of the gym and workout as a natural soundtrack for each film to give them a more realistic and gritty vibe.

The end result was four short films that showed that The 12 Movement is as real and incredible as its amazing members, trainers, and founders.

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