Visual Flow Presets

This year, we had the chance to work with Visual Flow, a photo editing software company in California. We created their entire set of educational videos and their promotional videos.

About Visual Flow

Visual Flow is a Lightroom Preset maker with a unique approach to image processing. Their patent pending “Lighting Condition Based Development” utilizes common lighting conditions to analyze and processes photos in Lightroom. This saves the photographer hours and gets a more accurate and refined result.

About the Video Project

Visual Flow contracted Rise 8 Media for the following services:

  • Script Consulting
  • On Location Filming
  • Full Service Editing

Here are a few of the final videos on their Youtube Channel:

Main Brand Video

The goals of the video below are as follows:

  • Explain why these sets of presets are different from its competitors
  • To persuade with beautiful before and after imagery
  • To engage with impactful and engaging behind-the-scenes video and B roll

Product Videos

We also created a series of product videos for Visual Flow to illustrate the power of each pack. See a few samples below:

Promotional Video for the Visual Flow Pastel Pack, Light and Airy Presets
Promotional Video for the Visual Flow Black and White Presets

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